[NTG-context] hack in type-siz

luigi scarso luigi.scarso at gmail.com
Thu May 15 22:00:29 CEST 2008

\definetypeface [boldmath] [mm] [boldmath] [latin-modern] [modern]
$a \times b$ $a \boldsymbol{\times} b$
(from core-mat.tex)

<<? blobpath asked: cmbx7 .otf>>
<<? blobpath do: /opt/luatex/tex/texmf-linux (cmbx7 .otf)>>
<<? blobpath do: /opt/luatex/tex/texmf-fonts (cmbx7 .otf)>>
<<? blobpath do: /opt/luatex/tex/texmf-local (cmbx7 .otf)>>
rror >> define font: font with name cmbx7  is not found
error >> define font: name: cmbx7 , loading aborted
! Font \*boldmath7ptmmmrmm*:=cmbx7  not loadable: metric data not found or bad.

In type-size

\starttypescript [boldmath] [modern,computer-modern,latin-modern] [size]

% hack to prevent mapping of filenames, watch the space!

  \definefontsynonym[xcmb12][cmbx12 ]
  \definefontsynonym[xcmb10][cmbx10 ]
  \definefontsynonym[xcmb9] [cmbx9 ]
  \definefontsynonym[xcmb8] [cmbx8 ]
  \definefontsynonym[xcmb7] [cmbx7 ]
  \definefontsynonym[xcmb6] [cmbx6 ]
  \definefontsynonym[xcmb5] [cmbx5 ]

Maybe is just the space
the problem.

it's new .
it's powerful .
it's luatex .

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