[NTG-context] incorrect/absent PostScript names for some greek characters

Michail Vidiassov master at iaas.msu.ru
Mon May 12 11:23:52 CEST 2008

Dear Taco,

On Mon, 12 May 2008, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

>> in char-def.lua there are no "adobename" for
>>   "greekmu"    AKA "GREEK SMALL LETTER MU"
>> because adobenames Delta, Omega and mu are used for
>> While the issue is of infinitesimal and only potential significance,
>> may be it is worth a fix.
> I am not so sure a fix is needed. At the moment, the only
> for "adobename" is inconjunction with Type1 fonts. Fonts using
> the new Agl you referenced below will likely be OTFs. For those
> the name is irrelevant, while on the other hand 'fixing' the
> names may break usage with older fonts.

The bug bit me some time ago (not in context context, but with pdftex)
when the glyph-to-unicode map embedded into PDF document was flawed in 
this way and thus export to plain UTF text and searching were broken.

When AGL is used to map from adobe glyph names to Unicode I do not see
  how things can potentially be broken by the proposed fix,
  but if the Type1 fonts support is considered frosen,
  then there is a point in not touching it unless it is
  something really severe, what my issue definetely is not.

  Sincerely, Michail

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