[NTG-context] ConTeXt meeting: call for abstracts & papers

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sun May 11 16:26:40 CEST 2008

Dear participants of the ConTeXt meeting
(and those that are still hiding the desire to come),

It's about the time to start preparing the program of the talks and
workshops. So - the ones who would like to share your experience with
others (either beginners or advanced topics), you may start submitting
abstracts of the talks. It would be nice to have a rough program in
the first half of June and complete papers for proceedings in the
first week of July, so that we can process them without the

One of the participants has expressed a desire to have a "beginners
talk/workshop" - how to prepare a complete document and/or
presentation: setting up headers & footers, appearance of sections,
itemization lists, TOC, bibliography, ... Anyone ready to take that
It would also be nice to have a workshop about Lua programming.

I hope that we will have a video camera at the meeting with all the
talks landing on http://www.river-valley.tv/ soon after the

Also, let's hope for a nice weather. At least 2-4 people are coming to
Bohinj only to have some rest & fun while their husbands or wives will
be discussing some TeXnical stuff. If anyone would like to stay a day
or two longer, we can informally extend the meeting to go to mountains
for example and stay in the hut in the mountains over night.
Hopefully, the mountaineering guide (participant) will have time to
join us :)
Bohinj also offers many sport activities (paragliding, rafting,
canyoning, hydrospeed, kayak, canoe, mountain biking, high ropes
course, ...). Probably not for everyone (that's why it makes no sense
to include it in the programme), but let me know if anyone would be
interested, so that we can go somewhere together in the afternoon
(rafting?), while the rest can still walk around or discuss topics in
the meantime. Do not forget your health insurance :) :) :)

Here are some preliminary plans talks, waiting for you to extend it:

TBC = to be confirmed that participant is going to come

Hans & Taco: lots of talks (to fill all the available space :)
in particular: XML workshop, LuaTeX & MK IV, MPlib, Type3 fonts,
future plans, ...

Installers & editors:
Mojca Miklavec: ConTeXt Minimals
Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky: Windows Installer
TBC: Oliver Buerschaper: Mac Installer
TBC: Jean Magnan de Bornier, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard: ConTeXt & emacs
TBC: Norbert Preining: [something about packaging in TL or Debian]

TBC: Aditya Mahajan: Math in ConTeXt
Patrick Gundlach, Mojca Miklavec: TeXShow

Different talks:
Karel Piška: [something about fonts]
TBC: Andrea Valle: Algorithmic musical notation
Patrick Gundlach: Rivers
TBC: Idris: applying for funding
Arthur Reutenauer: Unicode compliance of TeX

The fee will be max. 200 EUR, hopefully less. The final deadline for
registration and early payment will be 10th July. After that date I
will cancel the reservation of empty slots in the hostel, which means
that you can still register after that date, but if the beds will be
taken by someone else in the meantime, you may need to stay in the
hotel 300m away from us.

The location is not going to be a 5-star hotel, but if anyone would
like to be in one ... let me know :)

Looking forward to meet you all in Bohinj,

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