[NTG-context] Greek module

cidadaum at sapo.pt cidadaum at sapo.pt
Fri May 2 11:46:32 CEST 2008

I managed to install the greek module. Here is where it is placed:

adsm at adsm:/etc/texmf/tex/context/third> ls
adsm at adsm:/etc/texmf/tex/context/third> cd t-ancientgreek/
adsm at adsm:/etc/texmf/tex/context/third/t-ancientgreek> ls
fonts                t-ancientgreek.mkiv  t-oldgreek.tex  type-agr.mkiv
t-ancientgreek.mkii  t-ancientgreek.tex   type-agr.mkii   type-agr.tex
adsm at adsm:/etc/texmf/tex/context/third/t-ancientgreek>

adsm at adsm:~> kpsewhere t-ancientgreek.tex

The point  now is that I need to build the fonts (or build the metric =20
files of the fonts). So need to use texfont, am I right? One mandatory =20
argument is the vendor's name. Which name should I type for GFSDidot, =20
GFSPorson, Ibycus, Gentium?

Another issue: Xetex says repeatedly (as you can see on the attached file)

! Undefined control sequence.
l.5 \beginOLDTEX

I ask if there is no compatibility between Xetex and greekmodule can I =20
use Context with unicode (utf8) input (the manual which I suppose is =20
quite outdated says Context expects pure ASCII input)?

Thanks for your help.
Armando Martins

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