[NTG-context] two small questions about the mkiv roadmap

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Wed Apr 30 09:54:24 CEST 2008

Hi all, esp. Hans and Taco,

just two simple questions about some minor imperfections in mkiv/ 
luatex. I'm not impatient, just wondering if these are things that  
you're working on right now or if they will have to wait:

1. processing xml files with a DTD. This is something we discussed a  
couple of weeks ago: when I process a valid xml file which begins with  
a DTD, the output I get in mkiv is "invalid xml file"; the same file  
processes fine when I remove the DTD. Back then (on 08-03-17), Taco  
wrote: "It is a bug in luatex, but not an easy one to fix." So I'm  
wondering if there's any progress on this one, or if it has to wait.

2. error reports in luatex. This is something that comes up time and  
again on the mailing list and which I experienced myself yesterday. I  
had inadvertently deleted my luatex-cache and tried to run mkiv on a  
file. The report I got was "attempt to call field 'error' (a nil  
value)". Now I'm aware that TeX error reporting could be cryptic at  
times, but at least it was a kind of cryptic to which we had gotten  
used. With luatex, I'm constantly baffled - in a 100 years, I wouldn't  
have guessed that this error message meant "I can't find the cache and  
the format." So I was wondering if this is something that you're  
working on: making error messages more informative/comprehensible for  

Again, I'm not impatient, just curious.

All best


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