[NTG-context] Table of contents customization

Noé Cuneo noe.cuneo at laposte.net
Tue Apr 29 12:35:00 CEST 2008

Hi Wolfgang!

Thanks a lot for your answer!

However, I have no idea why, but I still get:

.      Preamble
1.   ChapterOne
1.1. Section

With the stopper being displayed even when there is no number! And I  
am 100% sure this doesn't come from somewhere else, because if I set  
stoper={ppp}, I get

ppp      Preamble
1ppp   ChapterOne
1.1ppp Section

So clearly this stopper is called even when it should not...

Here is the exact code I used (according to your suggestion):


Any idea?

Thank you very much!

> \setuplist
>  [chapter,section,subsection]
>  [stopper={.}]
> Greetings
> Wolfgang

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