[NTG-context] small caps and old numbers with open type fonts

Antoine Junod toto at tots-ns.net
Wed Apr 16 11:57:39 CEST 2008


Thanks a lot for your reply :)

Henning Hraban Ramm <hraban at fiee.net> writes:

> Am 2008-04-13 um 20:39 schrieb Antoine Junod:
>> I actually use my font as simple as possible with a
>> \definefont[boum][MyFont at 12pt]. Is it the problem?
> Yes. You should set up your fonts with a typescript and access small  
> caps / oldstyle as "features".

Okay. I've digged a bit about typescripts. If I've understood what I
read, I need to use the \definefontsysnonym command. But I'm currently
not able to find any doc about \definefontsynonym (a grammar or a
definition or something identical). Texshow does not contain it, nor
does the context commands manual. I've seen a bit about it in the
Fonts in Context manual (mfonts.pdf) but nothing about the 'feature'
as in type-otf.tex [1]. I'll try to copy / paste in an clever way (hum
:) but would be relly interesting if someone could point me to a
complete doc.

Thanks for you reply and greetings from Lake Léman, not Constance :)

[1] http://source.contextgarden.net/type-otf.tex

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