[NTG-context] Unable to generate luatex formats

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 14:17:02 CEST 2008

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 1:25 PM, John Devereux wrote:
> "Mojca Miklavec" writes:
>  >>  Setting TEXMF was missing from the instructions in debian... Or perhaps I
>  >>  messed up my configuration in the past.
>  >>
>  >>   luatools --ini --compile cont-en
>  >>
>  >>  works now.
>  >>
>  >>  I will start playing with it.
>  >>
>  >>  A quick try of the example snippet did not work (see dump at end of
>  >>  message) but I will look into it more and try Mojcas advice re
>  >>  ctxtools --update.
>  >
>  > ctxtools --update won't help you as you have some missing fonts (msam7.tfm).
>  > http://packages.debian.org/etch/all/texlive-base/filelist claims that
>  > the file should be present in texlive-base in Debian, so it's a bit
>  > confusing.
>  >
>  > Mojca
>  Hi Mojca,
>  There is a file here:
>   /usr/share/texmf-texlive/fonts/tfm/public/ams/msam7.tfm
>  But I don't know what else is needed.

I would say that the installation might be slightly broken, even if
only a few variables are missing. How exactly did you install LuaTeX
and latest ConTeXt?

>  Setting TEXMF was missing from the instructions in debian...

This should not happen, but once you answer the question about how you
have installed it, it might become clearer.

Some time ago there was some problem on debian since Hans's lua
scripts were unable to parse TEXMFCNF (texmf.cnf) files properly, but
this might have been resolved in the meantime.


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