[NTG-context] first steps

Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini wwl at musensturm.de
Mon Apr 7 16:41:03 CEST 2008


I tried to make my first luatex-steps with the following wiki-example
effe fietsen 2: \input tufte $\sqrt{2}$ \eogonek

\sc effe fietsen 2: \input tufte $\sqrt{2}$ \eogonek
after adding a \start/stoptext pair I get in 4 runs the following 
No such file or directory
fclose: No such file or directory

! Emergency stop.
<*> tst3.tex
!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

and in the 3. run I get 

fonts          : using map file: original-youngryu-px
! This can't happen (ext4).
\actualshipout ... \box \postponedcontent \box 0}}
                                                  \else \message 
\myshipout ... \fi {\thisisrealpage \realfolio #1}
\dofinaloutput ...gebody #1#2\setpagecounters }}}}
                                                  \else \the 
\finaloutput ...EAEAEA \dofinaloutput \fi \fi #1#2
\resetselectiepagina \incr...
\sidefloatoutput ...e \else \finalsidefloatoutput 
\sidefloatvsize \n...
<argument> ...\fi \else \the \defaultstreamoutput 
l.8 \stoptext

I can not interpret this error.
Can someone please explain!


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