[NTG-context] Various ConTeXt Questions

Edd Barrett vext01 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 16:46:07 CEST 2008

Hi there,

I am taking a look at conTeXt as a means of typesetting documents with
more advanced page layouts which otherwise would be produced with
desktop publishing suites.

I am very new to conTeXt, so I know very little about it. The only
documentation I have been able to find on the internet is:
ConTeXt Garden
ConTeXt an excursion
ConTeXt : The manual

I have been sifting through these for a while, and whilst the
documentation is good, I still have questions. I must apologise if I
missed the answers in the docs or if the questions are just plain

1) Is there a way to make ConTeXt stricter?
It seem that ConTeXt will not complain if you misspell the names of
colours, layers, overlays etc. I would rather it did.

2) Is there a way to overlay many layers/overlays at one place.
It seems using background= can only take 1 layer/overlay. Even better
if I could offset the layer/overlay from an origin.

3) I have had difficulty pushing the whole layout including the margin
to the right about 2cm.
I have tried using setuplayout to alter leftedge, leftedgedistance and
backspace. Is that not the way to do it?

3a) Similarly I would like to make the textheight longer so that the
footer is about 1cm from the bottom of the page. I have had no luck in
setting textheight using setuplayout.

4) Is there a module to parse CVS tags, like the RCS package for laTeX?

5) Can I use OpenType and TrueType fonts in ConTeXt? Ideally via fontspec.

6) Is there a book on ConTeXt for beginners aside from what I have
already listed above?

7) Can I specify RGB colours in th 0 <= x <= 255 format?
So far I have had to write a script to help me convert them.

8) Is anyone proficient with ConTeXt going to the Cork TeX User Group meeting?



Best Regards



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