[NTG-context] Some BibTeX questions

Jeff Smith ascarel at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 01:44:54 CET 2008


A couple of questions regarding BibTeX and ConTeXt. :-)

1) For various reasons I want to make my own .bbl file. Do I
understand correctly that I therefore don't need to use \setupbibtex
in my document? I wouldn't see the point in linking to my original
.bib file if I don't want the system to generate the .bbl in the first
place. However, is this the command which generates the .aux file?
What purpose does this one have?

2) In an automatically generated .bbl file, the \setuppublicationlist
command seems to have as a value for the samplesize parameter the very
first s-key of the list, .i.e that of the first publication in the
database. These labels are clearly generated from the first three
characters of the first Author data, and the last two character of the
Year data. For example, in my database, the author being Achinstein
and the year being 1975 for the first entry, the generated s-key is
Ach75. This is the value \setuppublicationlist[samplesize] as well.

What is the purpose of 'samplesize' exactly? And what is the use of
the s-key in the first place? Is it mandatory? The answer to this is
unclear to me. Hic et nunc, I wouldn't even know where to use them;
not in the way I cite references in my document. I would use a and y

3) All the a-keys with author lastnames in my generated bbl file
contain the names in brackets {}, excluding the normal delimiting
brackets of the key itself. For example, for my first publication, you
read a={{Achinstein}}. With more than one authors, I have for example
a={{Bromberger},{Halle}}. However, in Taco's documentation
(bibmod-doc), there are no such brackets in the sample entry:
a=Hoekwater. Are the brackets absolutely necessary? With more than one
name, perhaps?

Many thanks in advance for your answers! As always I'm ever grateful
for the great help this list provides.

Jeff Smith

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