[NTG-context] Landscape typesetting on portrait page

Saji N Hameed saji at apcc21.net
Sat Mar 8 18:53:44 CET 2008

* John Devereux <jdREMOVE at THISdevereux.me.uk> [2008-03-08 14:19:57 +0000]:

> As a workaround I did try making the entire page landscape (and
> removing headers and footers). But that did not seem to play well with
> imposition - I tried lots of combinations and could not get it right.
> So for now I am going to just "transpose" the table, i.e. exchange rows and
> columns so it is tall instead of wide.

 Another alternative might be to write out your table in the current
incarnation (portrait mode), as a PDF document, and read it back as an image
with rotation applied.


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