[NTG-context] new mkiv beta

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Wed Feb 27 09:44:32 CET 2008

On Feb 26, 2008, at 3:59 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:

> Hi,
> I uploaded a beta release. The biggest change is that image  
> inclusion in
> mkiv has changed. Currently it's still some mix of tex and lua code,  
> and
> the backend code is somewhat messy (and not complete yet) but it's a
> first step towards lua doing things. This will only work with a e  
> recent
> luatex.

Hi Hans,

there appears to be a bug in the new image inclusion: my images are  
only found when I give the extension explicitly. So this does work:


while this doesn't:


(Glad I don't have to write about Greek patterns for a change...)


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