[NTG-context] References title in Norwegian

Trond Lossius lossius at bek.no
Fri Feb 22 08:26:51 CET 2008

Thanks, this works.

I was just about to ask how to do the same concerning the list of 
contents when I realized that it automagically translates itself when using



 > \mainlanguage[no]
 > \setupheadtext[no][pubs=Litteratur]
 >> I'm writing a publication in Norwegian containing citations and
 >> references. I use
 >> \completepublications[criterium=all]
 >> at the end of the tex file to get the references. The only problem is
 >> that the title of it when typeset show up as "References" in English. Is
 >> it possible somehow to substitute that for the Norwgeian equivalent

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