[NTG-context] Adobe Reader, PNG transparency and colors

Michal Kvasnička prgosek at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 09:28:23 CET 2008

Many thanks for your answer.

>> If I include some transparent stuff on a light background (i.e. a
> >> metapost figure on a light gray screen), there's a visible rectangle
> around it (on
> >> the screen).
Yes, it's unfortunately normal at least in Acrobat 7 and 8, also in
> Apple's PDF viewer (in Preview, Mail etc.).
> In my experience esp. transparent (or flattened) elements show a fine
> white border - but if you zoom in, it stays the same fine line or
> sometimes disappeares. And it never shows in print.

However, what I meant was slightly different: not a tiny white line around
but a solid (full) rectangle with light gray background. You can see it
here: http://www.econ.muni.cz/~qasar/tmp/inst-slide02.pdf, page 3 (the ugly
background in the figure on the page 2 is my fault).

I guess the light gray background might be another bug in the AdobeReader,
since it's not visible in xpdf. However, I thought so with the previous bug
(it was visible in the AdobeReader, but not in the xpdf too), and it was
actually a bug in the pdfTeX.

Have you any idea what's wrong? (Well, this is much less annoying than the
previous problem.)

Many thanks and greeting from rainy Brno.
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