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Hi Aditya,

thanks for your reply. It's a good starting point.

One thing is missing in this solution.

Our documents are structured into several files.
Every file has an svn-version. So I want to
calculate the max version.

Do you know a small example where a max value
is calculated. I would try to integrate it into
the other example.

Kind regards,

Aditya Mahajan schrieb:
> On Sun, 20 Jan 2008, Markus Bernhardt wrote:
>> is there a module to access subversion tags in context documents (like
>> svninfo or svnkw for latex).
> There is no package, but it is not difficult to create one. For example
> see,
> http://archive.contextgarden.net/message/20070920.231549.347dc370.en.html
> Aditya
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