[NTG-context] Unicode.otf

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Fri Jan 11 05:03:50 CET 2008

  This seems to be a slight misfeature in Mark IV: I take that when
opening a font file with an .otf extension, it assumes it is an OpenType
font with PostScript outlines (cubic splines); when the file has a .ttf
extension, it supposes there are TrueType outlines (quadratic splines).
Both types of outlines are mutually exclusive and are contained in
different tables of the font file (respectively, 'CFF' and 'glyf').
This is indeed a widespread convention (including FontForge's), but this
font doesn't follow it, since it has TrueType outlines and an .otf
extension; hence the error message (ConTeXt is looking for a CFF table
and can't find it, since there is a glyf table instead).

  When you edited the font in Fontforge and exported it as
UnicodeSymbols.otf, it was converted to a CFF-based OpenType font, so
ConTeXt could use it.

  I consider this a bug in Mark IV (I think the problem is really in
ConTeXt, not LuaTeX).  It should be able to use the original font, even
if this extension thing is annoying.

> And How can I quicky  access symbols like U+25c9 ?

  One would think you knew that, Luigi!  Just use ^^^^25c9, for example.


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