[NTG-context] latest beta (2008-01-09 19:58)

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Wed Jan 9 21:22:42 CET 2008

Hi Hans,

there seems to be a problem with the latest beta; compilation stops  
with several of these warnings:

error >> define font: font with name lmromanslant12-regular is not found
error >> define font: name: lmromanslant12-regular, loading aborted
! Font \*12ptrmslrm*=file:lmromanslant12-regular*default not loadable:  
metric data not found or bad.
<to be read again>
\xxdododefinefont ...tspec {#4}\newfontidentifier
\dodosettextfamilyA ...amily \fontsize \endcsname
                                                   \else \ifcsname  
\fontbody ...
\dosettextfamily ... \dodosettextfamily \textfont
                                                   \let \fontbody  
<inserted text> ...y \c!bf \dosettextfamily \c!sl
                                                   \dosettextfamily \c! 
it \do...
\synchronizetext ...athfonts \the \textstrategies

(and the document in question doesn't even use Latin Modern...)



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