[NTG-context] escaping filenames with externalfigure

Santy, Michael Michael.Santy at dynetics.com
Thu Jan 3 14:35:10 CET 2008


> no time for a detailed answer now, but in xml mode you can make { } 
> letters which solves the problem

Could you please elaborate a bit?  I'm not familiar with ConTeXt's XML mode (other than for processing MathML).  One thing that I suspect is that XML mode would have an issue with '<' and '>' in the filenames.

Another thought: The image filenames are encoded in my original xml documents according to RFC 1738 (http://www.blooberry.com/indexdot/html/topics/urlencoding.htm).  In my XML -> ConTeXt XSL stylesheets I'm decoding those filenames.  Would it be useful for others if the externalfigure could understand url encoded filenames similar to something like this:

% includes the file "flower{1.jpg"

This would give ConTeXt a general-purpose filename escaping mechanism.

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