[NTG-context] First document — problems with bib module and layout

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Dec 27 16:46:28 CET 2007

Matija Šuklje wrote:
> Dne četrtek 27. decembra 2007 je Matija Šuklje napisal(a):
>> From what I can tell the main problem is that in legal circles it's
>> considered bad form to cite (the short one) right next to the cited text.
>> The much preferred way is "below the line" in the footer.
> I think I solved the problem with footnotes now by using 
> \footnote{\cite[extras={, p. 12}][ref]} ...but I'm still not happy with too 
> little information produced by \cite and not having a working 
> \placepublications
> Any help appreciated.

The solution is probably along the lines of

     \getcitedata[kratko][#1] to \shorttitle
     \getcitedata[avtor][#1] to \shortauthor %define this bibfield first!
     \expanded{\footnote{\shortitle, \shortauthor ...}}%

More tomorrow, maybe. You have picked the worst possible time to ask
me about computer stuff. ;-)

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