[NTG-context] First document — problems with bib module and layout

Matija Šuklje matija.suklje at rutka.net
Thu Dec 27 11:38:53 CET 2007

Dne sreda 26. decembra 2007 je Matija Šuklje napisal(a):
> * for each cititation to have a reference number in superscript and
> Romannummerals next to the citation
> * a footnote on the "same" page in the form like "T. Hoekwater, BIB (2006),
> pp. 2-4"
> * and in the appendix a list with longer forms like "Hoekwater, Taco:
> BIBLIOGRAPHIES (2. edition), Oxford press, London 2006"

How I *imagined* it could be made — but failing at it miserably:

* I defined a separate field 'kratko' in the .bbl file for shortened titles.
* I *thought* that \cite would produce a numbred reference (e.g. [IV], or [4]) 
in the place in the text where I'm calling up \cite (just the number, not 
the 'extras' — e.g. \cite[extras={ str. 2-5}])
* I planned to convience \cite to place the content plus it's extras to form a 
footnote with a short(-ish) citation format — using 'kratko' instead 
of 'title' fields, skipping some fields, different layout etc.
* and then to convience \placepublications to write a long citation format — 
using 'title', adding other fields, different layout etc.

I thought that you can do that by defining (also for each 'type') a different 
setup for what \cite shows and for what and how things are placed in the 
\placepublications ...I thought that's what \setupcite (for \cite) and 
\setuppubplications and \setuppublicationlist (for \placepublications) are.

...slowly I'm beginning to think that either ConTeXt's bib module is not 
matching my (faculty's) needs or that I just simply don't understand how it 

From what I can tell the main problem is that in legal circles it's considered 
bad form to cite (the short one) right next to the cited text. The much 
preferred way is "below the line" in the footer.

I'm really sorry if I'm annoying, but I just can't figure it out.


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