[NTG-context] Keeping up-to-date under TeXLive

Joel C. Salomon joelcsalomon at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 01:56:15 CET 2007

I'm trying to put everything together so potential problems are easily
identifiable, and so that a recipe or shell script can perhaps be put
on the wiki.

On Dec 23, 2007 5:08 AM, Mojca Miklavec <mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> Also, if you already have a working TeX distribution, you can write a
> few rsync calls yourself. At
>     http://minimals.contextgarden.net/current/
> you have:
> - current ConTeXt
> - almost-latest binaries
> - fonts
> any you can combine the stuff from there in some arbitrary way.

So, since I have a working TeX from Ubuntu, I want to put all the
"new" stuff in my TEXMFHOME (A.K.A. ~/texmf).  To this end, I could
use some help putting the rsync calls together.

In each case the command will take the form "rsync --recursive --perms
--compress --checksum --times --links --verbose rsync://<something>/
~/texmf/<somewhere>", which I'll abbreviate in this email as "rsync
-rvzctlp rs://cg.net/minimals/current/... ~/texmf/..." (so lines don't
get broken at inconvenient times).

The basic ConTeXt stuff gets pulled in, as Mojca suggested, thus:
	rsync -rvzctlp rs://cg.net/minimals/current/context/current/ ~/texmf/

Next, I want to get the up-to-date binaries, for which I'd like to do
something like
	rsync -rvzctlp rs://cg.net/minimals/current/bin/[*]/linux/ ~/texmf/
where I either need to write a separate line for each of {common,
context, luatex, metapost, pdftex, xetex}, or have a single command
that includes them all.  (Since I intend to put this all in a shell
script, a bit of duplication isn't a problem.)  This will put
"/current/bin/[package]/[system]/bin/[whatever]" into "~/texmf/bin/",
where I think they belong in an installed system.

The manuals seem to be in a somewhat odd place (under bin!); I'd use
	rsync -rvzctlp rs://cg.net/minimals/current/bin/man/ ~/texmf/
but no programs should care where they are; this is my own use.  In
fact, perhaps I should put the man pages where the man system can find
them.  I'll leave this for another day.

NB:  I have no idea whether I need the stuff in "/current/base" or
"/current/misc", nor where in the texmf tree they would go.

I won't be installing any modules now, so I can ignore that part of the tree.

The fonts are, like the binaries, in a
"/current/fonts/[group]/fonts/[format]/..." tree, and the installed
system should have them in "~/texmf/fonts/[format]/...", so I need
another four lines of the sort
	rsync -rvzctlp rs://cg.net/minimals/current/fonts/[*]/ ~/texmf/
where [*] is one of {common, new, old, other}.  (Are there any I
really don't need or want?)

I add ~/texmf/bin to the front of my PATH.

And then I follow all that up with a rebuilding of the format files with
	texexec -- make --all
	texexec -- make --all --xtx
	texexec -- make --all --lua
(Will the formats be made in TEXMFHOME or somewhere else?)

If this passes the sanity check with you guys, and if I can get
answers to the stuff I'm unsure on, I'll try it & report back.


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