[NTG-context] First document — problems with bib module and layout

Matija Šuklje matija.suklje at rutka.net
Tue Dec 25 23:39:07 CET 2007


I'm just making my first real document in ConTeXt and although I'm thinking 
more and more how this was a great idea. I also decided to simultaneously 
write an external document/module containing all definitions to fit the 

But as a newbie, of course, I stumbled upon some beginner's problems:

1. Chapter heading is not like I would expect — I would like to have the line 
above the chapter as long as the one below it

2. The empty page at the end of the document annoys me and doesn't want to go 

3. The citations won't show any content, neither does the list of publications 
— I'm clearly doing something very wrong here. What I want is numbered 
citation with short references at the bottom and full references in the list 
of publications in the appendices.

4. If I want to include 'pf_ul.tex' and 'moja_bibliografija.bbl' into my 
user's local modules in Linux, where should I place the link to them? It's a 
bit annoying to have to place links to them in each directory where I make a 
new new file that uses them. And clearly, there will be many yet to come!

If anything I just wrote doesn't make much sense, I excuse myself ...I'm 
tired, tried to learn and hack together this definitions the whole day today 
and didn't sleep much yesterday either.


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	k=ZOFVI,	% key, po katerem citiraš
	t=zakon,	% tip publikacije je zakon
	s=ZOFVI,	% short citation
	\title{Zakon o organizaciji in financiranju vzgoje in izobraževanja}
	\journal{Uradni list Republike Slovenije}

	a={Matija Šuklje}
\title{Neki nekastga}
\author{Matija Šuklje}
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