[NTG-context] Keeping up-to-date under TeXLive

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 11:08:37 CET 2007

On Dec 23, 2007 4:47 AM, Joel C. Salomon wrote:
> On Dec 21, 2007 9:17 PM, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> > Create $HOME/texmf. Download justtex.zip, and cont-tmf.zip, cont-fnt.zip
> > from pragma's website, and unzip them inside $HOME/texmf. Download the
> > font files from TeX Gyre and unzip then in $HOME/texmf.
> Do I need to set the TEXMFHOME environment variable?

It depends on the installation. But TEXMFHOME is usually already set
in texmf.cnf.

> Also: will downloading linuxtex.zip to the same place give me
> up-to-date luatex, or will it just mess up my installation?

linuxtex.zip at pragma is from August, so you won't get the latest
luatex with it.
linuxtex at http://minimals.contextgarden.net/pragma/ has the latest
luatex beta (+ reasonably latest other binaries and latest LM, TeX
Gyre, ...), but might differ from the one at pragma. (I need

> > Remake the formats, move the stubs and few programs to the path, and you
> > are done.
> Is there a command to remake the pdftex and xetex formats together?

Not at the moment.

texexec -- make --all
texexec -- make --all --xtx
texexec -- make --all --lua

> Rather than moving programs, might it be easier to add
> ~/texmf/<whatever>/bin to the PATH?

That's what setuptex in minimals does. Yes, if you're updating an
exesting distribution, it might be easier and cleaner to add a
variable to path than to overwrite the old binaries.

> > The only drawback of this is that you have to update manually. ctxtools
> > --updatecontext unzip the file in TEXMFLOCAL, and not TEXMFHOME, so it
> > does not work with this setup.
> Hmm...  will the rsync update work, or do I need to download the zips?

Of course it works. You have two options:
a) rsync -flags rsync://contextgarden.net/minimals/pragma/linux/
[your-favorite location]
will give you the almost-latest binaries in one rsync run (there is
also "justtex" for the common files).

b) wget http://minimals.contextgarden.net/setup/linux/first-setup.sh
or (same file):
    rsync -flags rsync://contextgarden.net/minimals/setup/linux/first-setup.sh
and then run that file to get the whole distribution at the desired
location. (experimental - someone needs to write support for local

flags may be -av or whatever else seems more appropriate.

Also, if you already have a working TeX distribution, you can write a
few rsync calls yourself. At
    http://minimals.contextgarden.net/current/ (=
you have:
- current ConTeXt
- almost-latest binaries
- fonts
any you can combine the stuff from there in some arbitrary way.


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