[NTG-context] migrating to ConTeXt

Jean Magnan de Bornier jm.bornier at free.fr
Sat Dec 22 12:00:48 CET 2007

Le 22 décembre à 11:01:22 Gour <ggdasa at gmail.com> écrit notamment:

| My writing needs are from short & simple docs (1--few pages long) over preparing
| educational presentations (with handouts) illustrated with graphics (both images & SVG) for
| seminars (beamer-like) to be used with video-projector in classroom-like environments upt to
| the  full size books by using Croatian & English languages and Sanskrit diacritics (not Devanagari
| at the moment :-)

For short documents and presentations you might find emacs-muse handy:

For more options on presentations see:

AucTeX support for ConTeXt is quite good, but I fear that a preview-latex
equivalent is out of reach now (although is has been announced a while

welcome !

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