[NTG-context] luatex not compiling

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Thu Dec 20 19:05:02 CET 2007

There appears to be a problem with the compilation of luatex on MacOSX  
10.5.x, but I might have found (at least one of) the cause.
On my system (MacOSX10.5.1) complation halted with:
luatexextra.c:408 error: storage size of 'sigstk' isn't known.
Further exploring showed the cause of this: SIGSTKSZ is not defined.
As it turns out SIGSTKSZ is defined in signal.h and in luatexextra.c  
read with
#include <signal.h>, assuming signal.h resides in /usr/include/signal.h.
That however, is not the case on this version of MacOSX: it sits in / 
Probably changing the code into:
#include <signal.h>
#ifndef _SIGNAL_H_
#include <sys/signal.h>
might help, but I have not tested this (some of the pie should be left  
for Taco c.s. ;-)

Hans van der Meer

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