[NTG-context] showfont with xetex (syntax changed?)

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Thu Dec 6 11:26:26 CET 2007


when in february 2006 I asked for an alternative to fontspec that  
could show me opentype features, Adam wrote:

I find that the lcdf typetools are a tremendous help:
   otfinfo -f ~/Library/Fonts/WarnockPro-Regular.otf
and I can test the features with:
   \showfont["Warnock Pro: +smcp"]

Today this showfont-line doesn't work anymore:

\definetypeface[oneliner][rm][Xserif][Warnock Pro][default]


\oneliner Test WQG 0196

\showfont["Warnock Pro: +smcp"]


Someone knows what to do?



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