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Please post such questions to the list, not to me personally.

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Date: 3 Dec 2007 16:12:42 -0000
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I couldn't configure TexnicCenter for ConTeXt. I am using SciTe
instead which works fine. I have another problem. When I had Miktex
installed on my machine I could use the macro package "kanlel" which
gives the output in  Kannada, my native language. But with ConTeXt I
am unable to use the macro package. How can I make this package work
with ConTeXt?


I would suggest you to use XeTeX or LuaTeX for Kannada, I don't see
any advantage in supporting pdfTeX to do that.

You need:
- the proper font
- perhaps hyphenation patterns
Hans would need to add support to ConTeXt somehow, but *if and only
if* you:
  - are ready to test (to change files and regenerate formats)
  - provide enough feedback (if you ask a question about TeXnicCenter
and people answer it on the list, it's polite to answer that it either
didn't work and what went wrong or that you managed to compile
  - provide enough information (what exactly doesn't work, where does
it fail, what's the error message)
  - specify what you need (figure captions probably need to be
translated into semething as well)

This is a sample (which should be simplified):

% engine=xetex
% this ugly portion of code could be shorter, perhaps reduced to
% \definetypeface[myface][rm][Xserif][Devanagari MT]
% \setupbodyfont[myface]


% replace "Devanagari MT" in "name:Devanagari MT" with the font you
have installed
\definefontsynonym[DevanagariMTRegular] [name:Devanagari MT]
\definefontsynonym[DevanagariMTBold]    [name:Devanagari MT/B]

\definefontsynonym[Serif]           [DevanagariMTRegular]
\definefontsynonym[SerifBold]       [DevanagariMTBold]
\definefontsynonym[SerifItalic]     [Serif]
\definefontsynonym[SerifBoldItalic] [SerifBold]
\definefontsynonym[SerifSlanted]    [Serif]

	\definetypeface [devanagari] [rm] [serif] [devanagari] [default]
% the ugly code ends here



% no idea what this means, but it looks non-latin at least
नेपाल चार जात छत्तिस वर्णको साझा फूलवारी हो ।



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