[NTG-context] Opening ConTeXt files in emacs [was : selectively turn off captions]

Jean Magnan de Bornier jm.bornier at free.fr
Sun Dec 2 08:51:16 CET 2007

Le 01 décembre à 20:00:59 Roger Mason <rmason at esd.mun.ca> écrit notamment:

| Hello Jean & Peter,
| Jean Magnan de Bornier <jm.bornier at free.fr> writes:
| > Well, AucTeX does recognize a LaTeX file from a ConTeXt file; no need for that!
| I did it like that because I have (setq-default TeX-master nil) in my
| .emacs so it asks then inserts the local variables that Peter
| mentioned.  Having emacs recognise a context file by \starttext is
| fine except when you open a new file.
| This is drifting off topic but, if you have any tweaks to make AUCTeX
| work better with context than it does out of the box then I'd be glad
| to hear about them.

Well, not specific to AucTeX, you could use one of emacs' template modes
to create new tex files, specifying the needed lines in the template.


(I use template.el to choose e.g. from several styles to write letters,
and I like it).

On the other hand, AucTeX maintainers might be willing to develop something
specific for opening context files...


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