[NTG-context] inline-graphics and unwanted line-break

luigi scarso luigi.scarso at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 18:14:54 CET 2007

and \quitvmode is a primitive
stricly speacking we don't see a space, but a command that switch to a
mode to another.
And it's also sound good: you have put a command to change status.

\hskip\zeropoint\hbox{} ;-)
here we see a space of 0pt.
Can be a bit embarassing that "a horiz. space of 0pt" make  difference
between status,
because one can think "hey, a space of 0pt is nothing and should do nothing!"
(Of course, \hskip0t has sense )

here we see a space of 1sp, ie (1/2^16) * 1pt which is invisible to human eye.
Here my "invisible touch" effect.
It's more "human" because i can say "hey, you have inserted a hor.
space very small, so small that you can see it,
but it's always a hor,. space not null, so it's reasonable  a change of state."

the context way is

it's new .
it's powerful .
it's luatex .

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