[NTG-context] inline-graphics and unwanted line-break

Peter Schorsch tralalas at freenet.de
Thu Nov 29 13:51:33 CET 2007


I have a small metapost graphic I like to use inline. But the arragement 
behaves a little bit "unpractically". As soon there is no character in front 
of the graphic context will break the line after the graphic - but as soon 
there is a character in front of the graphic, context does not adding a 
linebreak after the graphic.

Does anyone know how to prevent the line-break after the graphic if the 
graphic is the first inline?

Thanks, P.


	color schwarz ; schwarz := (.0,.0,.0) ;
withcolor schwarz ;


\hbox{\useMPgraphic{zo}} test text - why a line-break? How to prevent this?

a \hbox{\useMPgraphic{zo}} test text - this is fine: no line-break!


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