[NTG-context] switching to Context

Roger Mason rmason at esd.mun.ca
Thu Nov 29 13:17:40 CET 2007


I'm thinking of making the switch from latex to context, indeed I'm
working on my first non-trivial document as a trial.  I have some

(1) Is it possible to do conditional compilation?  I wish to use
context to write lecture notes with embedded pictures.  I'd like to
compile the document into one form to hand out to the class (or make
available on the web) and another to be used as a presentation, much
like latex-beamer, with just the pictures.

(2) Is it possible to convert context into plain text (i.e. strip out
the formatting instructions)?  This may seem eccentric but it might,
with some programming, offer a means to put document content into a
relational database, perhaps in paragraph chunks.



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