[NTG-context] Quickie about Line Numbering

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Nov 24 23:28:25 CET 2007

Matthias Wächter wrote:
> Thomas A. Schmitz schrieb:
>>> Just wondering how I can manage to number all the lines of my document.
>>> Thought that this would work but it actually doesn't.
>> I have some dim recollection that I asked a similar question some time
>> ago, and the answer was: you can't (but I can't find a reference in the
>> archive, so I may be wrong). You'll have to explicitly tell ConTeXt to
>> start line numbering after headings:
> Thanks for your (sad) answer.
> I really wonder why this is not implemented. It's so easy to do in
> LaTeX, and we _really_ need it for our review process. I will never
> convince my boss to change to ConTeXt without document-wide line numbers
> .... :/
> But maybe in Lua it's just a three-liner, so I won't give up hope. Not
> now. :)

afaik in latex they tweak the output routine by handling line by line 
which is ok for proofing article like stuff where messing up the spacing 
is no problem

in context, which has much more integrated in the otr that will not work 
out ok and i don't like implementing things half broken (apart from not 
needing it)

in mkiv i will deal with line numbering in a different way (i have some 
experimental code) and there it will be available in a couple of months
(i just need time and reason)


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