[NTG-context] Long s in ConTeXt

Andreas Hauser andy-context at splashground.de
Thu Nov 15 11:35:39 CET 2007

lutz.haseloff wrote @ Wed, 14 Nov 2007 10:56:44 +0100:

> You can try following file:
> ----------
> % engine=xetex
> \font\myfont="Vollkorn" at 12pt\myfont
> \starttext
> ſ
> \stoptext
> ----------
> Every otf/ttf font containing a ſ will work.

Live i get:

and locally:

kpathsea: Running mktexmf Vollkorn
! I can't find file `Vollkorn'.

So I guess, I don't have that font locally. Maybe there is a good standard
font with many special characters? It would be nice if other people could
also easily compile the tex source. Is it generally a superior font for
special characters?

How do I go about finding a font that contains all my special characters?

I have at least ſ (long s), aͤ (a^e SMALL e ABOVE), ʒ etc. Most are from a
historical context. And a lot of ligatures. As I understand Mac OS is able
to produce arbitrary ligatures. But will this work on a Linux too?

I followed Tacos advise and am subscribed now.


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