[NTG-context] TOC: alternatives (Was: continous chapter numbering)

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 14 13:06:53 CET 2007

2007/11/14, Jeff Smith <ascarel at gmail.com>:
> On Nov 13, 2007 4:51 AM, Wolfgang Schuster
> <schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > % continue chapter numberind over parts
> > \setuphead[part][resetnumber=no]
> Thanks, that was simple in the end...
> Now, a real TOC question/problem.
> Reading through old posts and docs, I remain unconvinced as to what is
> the best solution between creating my own lists or customizing the
> standard Alternatives. But even then, is the latter possible?
> I only need to modify two slight details with alternative c (or b, not
> sure yet if I use the dots or not). When creating my own lists, I try
> to emulate alternative c but I still am not satisfied with what I come
> up with.
> First off, I don't want the chapter/section numbers to align on the
> left, I want them to indent with the text.
> Second, I don't want the chapter number in my section numberings. So,
> instead of the following (here I don't bother with the page numbers) :
> I        Chapter One
> I-1     First Section
> I-1.1 First Subsection
> I-1.2 Second Subsection
> I-2   Section Section
> II        Chapter Two
> II-1    First section
> II-1.1 First subsection
> II-2.1 Section subsection
> I'd like to have:
> I. Chapter One
>      1. First Section
>          1.1. First Subsection
>          1.2. Second Subsection
>      2. Section Section
> II. Chapter Two
>      1. First section
>          1.1. First subsection
>          2.1. Section subsection
> If I make my own lists, I don't know how to align the page number to
> the right, like alternative=b/c does, and I can't find how to have a
> linebreak with single linespacing after an entry (my document doesn't
> use single linespacing and so it interefered with my TOC
> explorations). Alternative=b/c does everything I need, minus the two
> details mentionned above. So, it would seem easier if I could just
> modify it. Is it possible?









For explanations of the example look into core-sec.tex and core-lst.tex.


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