[NTG-context] natural table splitting problems

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Oct 30 20:42:36 CET 2007

Santy, Michael wrote:
> Thanks Peter for the pointer to the multipage table in the wiki.  I don't know how I overlooked that example.  However, I was still able to duplicate the problem with this sample table by including a page full of text before the table (see below).  
> If the dorecurse is set to 62 or 63, the contents slightly overflow the first page text area and only the first row of the table is rendered on the second page.  If dorecurse on blah is performed 61 or 64 times, the table is rendered properly.

it's always a problem to determine what's left on a page

\def\blah{The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy stupid dog.}
\dorecurse{62}{\blah} \synchronizeoutput

this will force the otr but is not always fails safe (i.e. vertical 
spacing may be messed)

... one of the reasons why we work on luatex -)


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