[NTG-context] \enableregime[cp1250] and missing upper Greek letters in math mode.

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Wed Oct 3 08:52:16 CEST 2007


 Years ago I installed TeXLive with ConTeXt - it works fine until
 I reinstalled my Windows and changed drive structures. So, I
 wanted to refresh my installation with newest MikTeX. 

 After that I have a problem with polish fonts - in older version
 I have used:
 % --translate-file=cp1250pl

 and it worked fine. But with current installation I have missing
 polish characters (all) within these settings. After hours of 
 searching the web I have found setting:

 and it works. Almost. I have found that using with 
 makes replacing of polish character ± -> ¼ (at least).

 If I remove \setupbodyfont[plr,12pt] I have problem with
 upper Greek letters in math mode - all are missing. With setting
 above is fine (except this ±-¼ problem).

 If any thread with the same problem? I could see similar posts
 but I am not sure if root of the problem is the same - sometimes
 proposed solution is quite complicated for not advanced user ;)
 Maybe some polish user more familiar with ConTeXt had the same 
 problems and can help? ;)   

 PS. Of course I have made:
 texexec --make en
 texexec --make --language=pl --bodyfont=plr en
 after installation

best regards

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