[NTG-context] Completelistoffigures, help needed!

G.C.H.M. Verhaag verhaaggchm at ision.nl
Fri Sep 28 20:02:30 CEST 2007

  Dear ConTeXt Users,

Thanks to those that contributed to this thread! The code


just did the trick, but I don't understand why! Maybe I shouldn't bother 
at the moment! By the way, am I right in saying that the interaction 
feature of the list doesn't work when using this trick?

Well, I've one more question related to the list of figures.
Is there a way to truncate a long caption to a maximum of just no more 
than a fraction of the length of a textline and indicate the truncation 
by for example a few dots (...)?
Something like:

A very long figure caption truncated just here...                       


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