[NTG-context] still waiting for mswincontext

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Sep 26 12:48:14 CEST 2007

Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky wrote:
> Hello Hans,
> Could you please answer my questions about recent Windows minimal? 
> 1) Why we need to set almost all in setuptex.bat, while the same vars (except Windows' PATH) are already set in texmf.cnf? 

well, this is not recent, but has aways been the case; in setuptex i 
make sure that no conflicts can arise between different trees; so one 
can have multiple trees installed, without clashed; you don't wanna know 
what can happen (and how much time it costs to find out and fix) if some 
installer has set variables at the outer shell level; i just don't want 
to take any risk here

> 2) How can I get rid of LM (and other) fonts completely? I want to use solely luatex and system fonts, but bound to have those monsters too. 

just delete them but i would not delete the lm since they're used as 
fallbacks; if you want to default to something else, you need to tweak 
the initializations (maybe some day when the gyre math fonts are there 
i'll provide something for that); keep in mind that many tex users use 
tex for math and not having set up math will break al lot then

> My area of interest is luatex only, since it is progressive, font-tolerant and powerful. :o)

well, the overhead of lm is not that large (maybe someday i'll ship zips 
and run the fonts from zips); a few cjk fonts in your system font path 
take more space -)


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