[NTG-context] still waiting for mswincontext

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Sep 26 09:50:53 CEST 2007

Mojca Miklavec wrote:

> Note that also three really important fixes have been added to XeTeX
> recently, so ConTeXt works much better with XeTeX 0.997.

the bottom line is, that we need to make sure that we hav ethe most 
recent bins for all platforms before we can generate minimals

> It's the ConTeXt distribution, not the binaries which are broken.

i'm a bit puzzled ... for pdftex, nothing changed, for luatex, indeed 
bins and zips need to be in sync (esp because there have been changes in 
the lua font code that needed adaptions in the mkiv code) and xetex ... 
well, that's an interplay between engine and macros and trying to adapt

i think that luatex and xetex are fast moving targets so in most cases 
one needs to have updates of them and macro packages in sync; xetexs 
font syntax has changed over time, currently a feature was added to 
intercept problems but this is only on the latest bins, font searching 
is very engine dependent and also to some extend os dependent 
(upper/lowercase) etc etc

anyhow, the dust will probably settle in a few weeks (new bins available 

a tricky area is metapost ... since mp cannot handle open type we need 
to bend the rules sometimes and do ugly workarounds but we're getting there

> But note that there are still some problems:
> - wrong font size in XeTeX

more a xetex problem

> - textext("...") in metapost doesn't work

will never work completely if one uses different fonts in xetex and 
metapost in one document (well, it can work, but one had to make sure 
that the map stuff is sorted out then)

> - most probably others, not yet discovered

we'll try to keep them hidden -)


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