[NTG-context] waiting for mswincontext

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Sep 20 22:41:08 CEST 2007

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>>> So one additionally needs:
>>> - (possibly modified) xetex.ini itself
>>> - unicode-letters.tex (could be replaced by enco-utf.tex, though I

context does not use that file (plain may use it) we can indeed use 
enco-utf for plain as well (also defines some named chars)

context does not depend on any tex file outside the base path

>>> just figured out that there's more in unicode-letters than in
>>> enco-utf, but in that case enco-utf is that one which should be fixed)

depends on the kind of error -)

enco-utf uses info from unicode tables (character categories)

>> this is not possible with the 0.997dev version because it presets
>> charclasses (a new feature in XeTeX) for a few CJK characters
> I saw some new additions when I took a look.
> This means that enco-utf needs to be updated once hans gets the new
> binaries from Akira :)

depends, if we don't use these new features .. (yet)

>>> - etex.src (btw: why is that one only used in xetex, but not in pdfTeX?)
>> this is also used for the pdftex format in w32tex

because i cannot imagine a macro package to use the content of that file

> I will take a look at w32tex then.
> It would be really handy to have those three plain formats.

well, only is if it is not adding too much to the minimals, (and formats 
to be generated by users)

if you want such formats, we need dedicated files to make them, like 
pdftex-plain.tex and such (after all, we want predictable stuff) for 
initializing them


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