[NTG-context] setting up quotations

frantisek holop minusf at obiit.org
Wed Aug 22 23:38:03 CEST 2007

hi there,

i have just finished reading the archives from the times
when there was no \setupquotation only \setupquote

i am glad that now a \setupquotation exists, but my problem
seems to be that \setupquotation affects all quotations...
consider the following example:

\setupquotation         [style=italic]

\quote{I am \quotation{not} here,} he said, then he went on singing

Maybe I just want to fly\crlf
I want to live I don't want to die\crlf
Maybe I just want to breath\crlf
Maybe I just don't believe\crlf
Maybe you're the same as me\crlf
We see things they'll never see\crlf
You and I are gonna live forever\crlf

all 3 quotations are in italics.  i think this is incorrect...
all 3 quoting styles have their place and function.

\startquotation should have some \blank before and after, different
margins, etc.  that's what i want to set up with \setupquotation
a lot of publisher make even typeset these in smaller fonts.

how can i make this happen?  this is really important for typesetting
books, it is not?

if you do nothing, how do you know when you're finished?

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