[NTG-context] mkiv

fdu.xiaojf at gmail.com fdu.xiaojf at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 12:26:03 CEST 2007

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently most mails on the list about mkiv and luatex concern 
> installation and fonts. This is ok since quite some code is related to 
> that. The next couple of months other (sub)systems will be activated (or 
> discovered by users since quite some stuff is already there).
> - reading from other media: reading from zip files is possible, reading 
> from e.g. http also if you have curl installed
> - color support: mkiv will use attributes; this works already on my 
> machine; other features (outline) and such will follow this route
> - spacing, vertical as well as horizontal (inter character spacing, 
> french punctuation), it's there but needs integration
> - indexing: is already using lua, needs to be tested and we need tables 
> for languages
> - numbering lines etc: work in progress
> - verbatim: new pretty printers will show up (i expect users to step in 
> once we have the api ready)
> - synchronization of text streams, multiple text streams etc ... work in 
> progress
> - sectioning and list handling, needs some rework for mkii too
> - debugging and error handling: there (try \showdebuginfo \page or maybe 
> \overloaderror \crap); we need a way to refresh browser windows 
> automatically
> - runtime feature toggling and font extensions: work in progress
> - etc etc
> maybe we should set up a wiki page where users can make a wishlist for 
> fundamental features cq. exploring features under construction
> Hans
How about the support for Chinese ? Will it be enhanced or just remains the 
same with ConTeXt ?

And can mkiv produce pdf files in which the Chinese characters can be selected 
and copied to other place ?


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