[NTG-context] OpenType in ConTeXt

Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini wwl at musensturm.de
Tue Aug 7 22:18:14 CEST 2007

> > It is nice to have such scripts. But I would like to know what
> > goes on behind the scene. In principle one has to know all the 
> > steps to do it by hand. 
> Just use the great otftotfm by hand and you know what is missing.
> Then try to read the source code of otfinstall and try to underst 
> and what the steps are.
> Patrick

The otftotfm documentation is exemplary!

I would like to volunteer to help writing such docs for texfont or
otfinstall. But it is very difficult to get the information. Not all 
of us are able to read sourcecode in perl and ruby and lua.


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