[NTG-context] extra math symbols and alignment (WORKS)

WN wneimeijer at tiscali.nl
Thu Aug 2 23:48:27 CEST 2007

Hi Aditya,

You don't have to check the font stuff. Everything works (alignment and 
the fonts) :-)
Thanks for your all help.

> Hi Wim,
> Quoting WN <wneimeijer at tiscali.nl>:
>> I tried the new code you send me, and of course I did a quick test.
>> But when doing a texmfstart texexec --autopdf --pdf testalignfontnew.tex
>> texexec hangs ''forever''  while trying to process the \section{} 
>> command.
>> Actually its pdftex trying to do something.
>> To make sure I did not make a edit mistake, I copied my old test code 
>> into
>> the file testalignfontnew.tex and run a diff to see where the 
>> difference with the new code
>> are.
>> Looking at the code (and I am not a Tex expert, and forgive me, when 
>> I ask a dumb question)
>> I don't see where the \scratchcounter itself is defined ? Must surely 
>> be a global Context counter ?
> Yes. \scratchcounter is defined in syst-gen (IIRC). So are a bunch of 
> other temporary variables.
>> Attached the new test code.
>> Hope it helps the debugging process and thanks for all your help sofar.
> I can not really check the font stuff, since I do not have txfonts and 
> rsfs on this machine. But the matrix alignment appears to be working 
> fine. I am attaching the test for just the matrix alignment. When I 
> get home, I will try to see what goes wrong when you add other fonts.
> Aditya

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