[NTG-context] Some minor issus

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Sun Jul 22 19:50:46 CEST 2007

Hello Steffen,

you should provide examples how you do things, otherwise we'd have to

> First, some of my URLs within footnotes are wider as the textwidth. Is 
> there a way to force a line break other than defining break points for 
> each of it? Maybe even with a nice symbol identicating the forced break?

Perhaps this thread helps?

> Second problem is the formatting of the in text references. it would be 
> nice if there is a way they were not bold. I tried different things with 
> \setupreferencing but the text stayed bold. I could not find something 
> in regards to this topic in the manual or in the wiki.

I don't know references (never used them), but could this be due to
interaction? Put style=\tf in \setupinteraction. But this is just a
wild guess.

> My thrid problem is, how can I force context not to continue footnotes 
> on another page?

Sorry, no idea. Somebody else? 

> And a similar thing ... how can I achieve that there are always at least 
> two lines of a paragraph on each page if this paragraph is split between 
> two pages. I tried \clubpenalty and \widowpenalty as well as 
> \def\defaultwidowpenalty and \def\defaultclubpenalty. But I am not 
> really sure what the numbers identicate. I guess not the lines ...

No, not the line numbers. It is a TeX concept called 'penalty' where
high positive numbers represents 'very bad'. The default in ConTeXt is
2000, which is pretty high. Maximum is 10000 (= infinity). Perhaps you
need to play with \brokenpenalty as well, which tells TeX how bad it
is to break a page at a line with a hyphen.

But perhaps you could provide an example.


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