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Fri Jul 6 18:23:28 CEST 2007

Intensive googling brought me these solutions for paragraph enumeration:


% Enumerate paragraphs



\section[sec-language]{How this Book Teaches You The Language}

\GuyPar Java is an object oriented programming language.  When you use
an object oriented programming language, your program consists of
class definitions.



\input knuth 
\input knuth \par 
\input tufte \par \blank \dorecurse{2}{\input tufte \par} \blank \par
\dorecurse{4}{\input tufte \par}

Does anybody now have an idea how to re-use these paragraph numbers (in one of these examples) for linking in a TOC and/or a seperate index register (as described below)?


On Thu, 5 Jul 2007 17:41:43 +0200, Steffen Wolfrum wrote:
> Hi,
> using ConTeXt more and more for typesetting books from the field of 
> law/jurisdiction I came across some specifics that I just don't know 
> how to do in our beloved application:
> 1) Paragraphs (not all) are labeled with numbers in the margin.
> These "paragraph numbers" are used in the table of contents in such 
> way: you have the content's entry (eg the section heading), then the 
> dots,  then the corresponding paragraph number, then the 
> corresponding page number.
> 2) Paragraphs (not all) are labeled with numbers in the margin.
> These "paragraph numbers" are used in a  separate "paragraph 
> register" in such way: you have the index entry (a law's number), 
> space, then you have the corresponding paragraph number (the text 
> paragraph where the index was used). [But of course there is also a 
> "regular register" afterwards, containing alphabetical listed keyword 
> index entries pointing to page numbers.]
> So, how can that be done??
> Yours,
> Steffen
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