[NTG-context] Time to take over a ConTeXt project in Hamburg, Germany?

Karsten Heymann karsten.heymann at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 2 11:34:57 CEST 2007


I'm looking for someone to take over long-term support for a running
(paid) ConTeXt project in Hamburg, Germany. I'm currently supporting a
small scientific institution who does regular publications with
context, but since I'm leaving university now and changing places to
start a "real" full-time job, I (sadly) will have no more time to do

The job consists of:

* maintaining the layout files and do occasionally changes
* maintaining their local context installation (minimal installation
on Ubuntu 6.06)
* providing simple linux/subversion/scite support (nothing complicated)
* (optional) maintaining the existing Word-HTML to XML converter
written in python

If you

* have some experience in using and configuring context (installing
fonts, defining layouts,
  getting multi-column-grid layout looking nice)
* can communicate in german
* know how to use subversion
* can start right now (or at least quite soon)
* (optional) can provide occasional local support in Hamburg

then please contact me for further information.


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