[NTG-context] question about macro's

Jelle Huisman jelle at jhnet.nl
Thu Jun 28 16:03:57 CEST 2007

Hello Aditya,
> Do you have a blank line between the two lines? If so, see below.
No, I don't have a blank line. (well, I can change my test file, but 
that is not the solution I am looking for.)
>> To process the tags I have defined some macro's, like this one:
>> \def\TAGc#1
>> {\dosomething{#1} % the \dosomething has to do with fonts etc.
>> \dosomethingelse}
>> However, when I typeset the document this macro only works with the
>> first word of the line tagged with \TAGc. Is it possible to tell the
>> macro to process the whole line? (changing my source document is no option.)
> Have a look at \dowithpargument. 
Thank you for this hint and your example. I see in the source browser 
that there is also an \dowithwargument, so I think I am looking for 
something like \dowithlargument (with l for line). Any idea's how to do 

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