[NTG-context] referencing figures with \in

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Sun Jun 24 14:38:34 CEST 2007

I used to place references to figures and tables in the following way:


This however printed a dot instead of the expected "figure #".
Changing to
again printed the correct reference.

Looking further into this I found:
     \meaning\in --> \protected macro:->\dohandlemathtoken {in}
     \meaning\at  --> macro:->\dohandlecommand {at}

Still, the ConText manual tells me that
     \in{.1}{.2.}[ref] (with {.2.} optional)
should work.

In file core-ref.tex at line 2118 (2007-04-17 version) I find:
%  {\ifmmode
%     \expandafter\donormalin
%   \else
%     \expandafter\doinatreference\expandafter\currenttextreference
%   \fi}
But I am definitely not in math mode when calling \in.
I did some further experimentation but nothing helped.

Has something changed here or is there something I do obviously wrong?

Hans van der Meer

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